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President of NGO Financial Technologies Association, Warsaw, Poland. Founder of Financial incubator

Aleksandr Kwaskoff

Aleksandr Kwaskoff

President of NGO Financial Technologies Association, Warsaw, Poland. Founder of Financial incubator, powered by NGO FinTechAssociaton. My interests in fintech, startups, immortality, open source, crowd and decentralized technology.


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About Me

Aleksandr has always been an enthusiast of free licenses and open source. He conducted Linux installation festivals and hackathons. He participated in 72 hackathons with various teams. He held three of his hackathons and one weekly workshop.

In 2013, he converted the entire Department of Information Technology, where he taught, to Free and open-source software. All training programs and documentation have been adapted to free software by himself. Institute of Management, Business and Law (where he was doctoral student (aspirant) in system analysis ) passed the accreditation successfully.

In 2016, he launched a blockchain startup of the Metaverse “Digital Cemetery”, with which he passed the acceleration of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund.

Article in the Russian Newspaper Video on the Friday TV channel (Russian)

In 2017, he spoke on the topic of Digital immortality in Skolkovo at the Open Innovations Forum

Then he held a personal open lecture at Moscow State University on the topic “Bloody Blockchain”.

At the end of the same year, he was one of the founders and was elected president of the non-governmental organization Financial Technologies Association , which already has 730 people from the field of financial technology. In 2019, the association created a web3 incubator (crypto accelerator?) for fintech projects with open source and free licenses - fincubator. The incubator is managed by the association’s pool of experts.

He was invited to various TV shows (Russian languages)

  1. NANO TV Channel
  2. Radio Liberty
  3. Mediametrics

He spoke at the Alpha future people forum (Russian)

In 2018 , he became an investment manager of a cryptocurrency fund Fund.

In the same year, he conducted in Moscow the only practical experiment in Russia on the study of unconditional basic income (UBI). The project was discussed with employees of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and received a written review.

Most of my personal time is spent studying new projects and approaches in web3. The ideas of private finance and neobanking are being publicly promoted. Together with other experts of the association, private investors, fintech companies and startups are consulted. Audits are conducted and expert opinions are issued.


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